Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey, East Sussex  1066 is renowned for being one of the most famous years in English history. It is a historical narrative etched into our brains since school. On 5th January, the English king named Edward the Confessor died without a direct heir. The following day, Harold Godwinson,

Is the Old English Language Worth Learning?

  Some people master another language for travel, work, relationships, education, networking and culture; others even go to the effort of learning fictional languages from their favourite books, movies and TV shows. But it is not often that people turn to ancient linguistics in search of discovering new forms

Wuffingas Dynasty – The Wolf Kings of East Anglia

When most people think of notable Anglo-Saxon lineages, they either think of Wessex’s Cerdicing dynasty or the Iclingas dynasty of Mercia. The lesser-known Wuffingas were a dynastic line that founded and ruled over the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia from the 6th-8th century. The dynasty would start as a conquering Pagan tribe in an unfamiliar