Anglo-Saxon Monarchies Archive

Wuffingas Dynasty – The Wolf Kings of East Anglia

When most people think of notable Anglo-Saxon lineages, they either think of Wessex’s Cerdicing dynasty or the Iclingas dynasty of Mercia. The lesser-known Wuffingas were a dynastic line that founded and ruled over the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia from the 6th-8th century. The dynasty would start as a conquering Pagan tribe in an unfamiliar

The Witenagemot – The Backbone of Monarchs

source:        The Witenagemot was an advisory council from the Anglo-Saxon ruling class whose duty was to counsel their kingdoms monarch, in which contained mostly kings. They only assembled when summoned and answered to the monarch directly. It was considered treason if the Witenagemot assembled without

Cerdic – The Forefather of a Dynasty

Cerdic is the progenitor of the royal House of Wessex from the heptarchy Kingdom of the same name. The House of Wessex is also referred by its less common name “the House of Cerdic” where Cerdic’s descendants were originally known as the Cerdicingas dynasty. This royal dynasty shaped the

Alfred the Great: The Honourable Protector

Alfred the Great is the only English monarch to be granted with the righteous entitlement of ‘Great’. Like the great Macedonian leader Alexander, Alfred helped to demonstrate qualities of sheer greatness. Alfred was a descendant of Cerdic of Wessex, the first of the Anglo-Saxon kings and a relation of